it's the opposite of a sausage fest.

34: Just a Bunch of Lesbians...

Women's College

Synching flows, mood swings, cat fights, body hair, LUGS (Lesbian Until Graduation)... we've all heard the sexist stereotypes that surround the notion of a "women's college". But how much of this is founded on reality, and how much of it is the patriarchy trying to rain on our Clam Parade?

Barnard grad and feminist badass Tessa Slovis joins us to dispel the myths around these institutions and reflect on her academic journey. Imagine: Women at the forefront of classroom discussions, Women on the reading list, Women in the history books, Women, uninterrupted... Women, Women, Women.

Sound good? It did to these chicks, too. Here are some ladies you might recognize who also attended women's colleges:

Martha Stewart --- Barnard College

Suzan-Lori Parks, Gloria Johnson-Powell, Emily Dickinson --- Mount Holyoke College

Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Julia Child, Sylvia Plath --- Smith College

Katherine Hepburn --- Bryn Mawr College

Margaret Atwood, Helen Keller --- Radcliffe College (now Harvard)

Nora Ephron--- Wellesley College



Angela Gulner