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28: Feminism in the Field

Guest: Sarah Frazell

I (Angela) have known Sarah Frazell since I was 15 years old and thought her name was Cheryl (whoopsies!). She introduced me to Radiohead, Degrassi, and My So-Called Life, and boy oh boy did we sing the shit of out Annie and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat together in high school. Kooky, hilarious, brilliant, and perhaps the kindest person I've ever met, Sarah is someone I consistently strive to be more like. As a social worker, she's dedicated her professional life to helping those in need, despite the mountains upon mountains of red tape she battles on a daily basis. She lives her feminism, truly and fully.

I (Lindsay) met Sarah for the first time on this episode. I was blown away by her utter selflessness and complete brilliance and strength as she faced with tackling huge problems in her social work. Her on the ground day-to-day dealing with facing racism, abuse, and mental health head-on is eye-opening to say the least. 

When we decided to start this podcast post-election, Angela knew we had to have Sarah on. She's lived in DC through one of the craziest elections in our country's history, and is dealing, quite directly, with its aftermath. Whenever I (Angela) feel overwhelmed or powerless in the wake of 45, Sarah is someone I look to for guidance and perspective. She's out there, actually practicing what we often try to address on Clambake, and it's incredibly inspiring. 

Enjoy this episode -- and go get your feet dirty in the name of feminism!

xo, A + L

Angela Gulner