it's the opposite of a sausage fest.

29: Digital Digital Get Down

with Heather Brewster + Samantha Hamilton!

It's been a long freaking time since we recorded with our guests in person (instead of over the phone) ... and celebrate we did! Recording this episode was a blast and a half -- one of the best nights we've had in awhile. Due not only to the generous libations*, but to the killer company.

As a writing duo, we tend to gravitate toward female-driven 'Young Adult' content. We love writing about life in one's early 20s. Self-identity is changing at breakneck speed, mistakes are not only expected but required, and life has a sense of boundlessness and possibility. It's an incredible, emotional, challenging, and wonderful time. And this generation of 20-somethings is whip smart and here to (hopefully) save us all.

Heather Brewster and Samantha Hamilton share our love for this demographic, and work to create content for (and by) Millennials from the development side. Although it's 2017, and #feminism is trending, it's still rare to encounter female executives in the entertainment industry. Heather and Sam are two badass execs who are changing the digital game, and ensuring that authentic, diverse, female, and quality content makes to your devices. They are trailblazers -- the unsung heroes of this changing industry.

Whether you work in the industry or just enjoy the new golden age of media that we're in, we know you're going to love this conversation. So, pour yourself a glass of wine, clams -- you've earned it!

xo, A +L

*We celebrated so hard, we mis-named one of the biggest movies of the year! The film is, of course, Girl's Trip... not Girl's Night. Though we'd love a sequel of that title.

Angela Gulner