it's the opposite of a sausage fest.

30: Clams in Tech

with Kelly Browne!

Are you hungry? Do you like human interaction? Have you found yourself disheartened by the daunting task of trying to make new friends in adulthood?

Tech-guru turned entrepreneur Kelly Browne has solved these social problems in a truly delightful way with her new app: The Kitchen Table App.

There's something so refreshing about an app designed to aid in real, live conversation. An app that lends itself to community building, to growing and expanding as a human, and to enriching the fabric of one's life. But with only 5% of all tech start-ups being run by women, it's no surprise this refreshing... dare we say "feminine" approach to technology is hard to come by.

Spending an hour with Kelly was wildly inspiring. Yes, the entertainment industry is male-dominated, but it pales in comparison to Silicon Valley. Kelly's been 'Othered' her entire professional life... and she's kicking all of the ass despite (and/or because?) of it.

Your dreams matter. Your flights of fancy, your doodles, your daydreams... they matter.

Follow them. You're on to something. You're the next big thing, clams!

xo, A + L

Angela Gulner