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31: Clams in Love

How do we love Celia Finkelstein? Let us count the ways...

This week, Celia Finkelstein majorly helped a clam out by covering for Angela while she was out sick. In an industry/culture/society that is go-go-go and demands 300% 24/7, taking time off for "Self Care" can feel like a revolutionary act. There's a hell of a lot of guilt and shame in admitting you need a break... which is why we are oh-so-thankful to Celia for stepping in.

So... let's bask in her glory for a bit! Here are 9 reasons why we love Celia Finkelstein.

1. She's smart as hell. Period. And she's probably smart as hell about periods but we haven't asked her specifically yet.

2. She is a relentless activist and dishes up hard truths all over internets (Don't believe us? Follow her. You're welcome.)

3. She is hilarious and dishes up smart comedy all over the internets (Again, follow her. Your life will improve.)

4. She's Pro Pussy (Cats AND vaginas)

5. She's a mental health crusader. Read her incredible piece about Borderline Personality Disorder here.

6. SHE WRITES FOR SHONDALAND (Need we say more? No. But we will.)

7. She recently dyed her hair pink and it looks AMAZING!!!!!!

8. She once brought a bag full of sex toys to the Nerdist for our podcast. (Listen to the episode here)

9. She makes us want to be better feminists, damnit! 

Thank you, Celia. We love you.

xo, A + L


Angela Gulner