it's the opposite of a sausage fest.

32: Announcements!


As I'm sure you've noticed, we moved our release day to Mondays! Because, shit, these weeks of 45's reign of (t)error have been fucking relentless. We're lucky if, by Friday, we're still able to hear our own thoughts through the chaos.

So... let's start the week off with something fun, shall we? Like a good old fashioned Clambake! Welcome!

And we have another change to announce... 

We will now be releasing episodes every other week!

We'll miss our weekly chats with you, but spacing our episodes out will also allow us the time and preparation to bring you even better episodes. We've got some fun ideas cooking, and in order to implement them, we need more time to produce. 

Thank you so much for being such a supportive, intelligent, caring group of people. We love this show, and we wouldn't be able to do it without. 


Love you so! A+ L

Angela Gulner