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23: 13 Reasons Why We Love Alexa Curtis

I first met Alexa Curtis at an adorable little French bistro in Mid-City LA. She reached out to me after seeing BINGE, and wanted to connect about new ways to approach mental health. A teen influencer and blogger, Alexa had just started her nonprofit, M.I.N.T., and was coming off a national speaking tour -- on The Today Show, at SXSW, and on panels all over the country… Not bad for a 19 year old, #amirite???
See, Alexa Curtis has a mission. She’s going to change the conversation around teenage mental health, combat bullying, and help her generation better navigate the dangers of social media. A tall order? Sure. But as she blustered into that tiny bakery, devices blazing, with more energy than can be crammed into the four cups of coffee I drank, I couldn’t help but utterly believe her.
A few months later, Lindsay and I got Alexa in studio, to Talk to the Clam. And it was one of the most uplifting hours we’ve ever spent at The Nerdist. Alexa’s passion, positivity, and commitment to helping her generation was inspiring. It left us buzzing. During a time in this country with so much fear, anxiety, and dread, spending an hour with a young person like Alexa was such a sigh of relief. 
It’s okay, everyone! This younger generation’s got their shit figured out! We can all relax!
Keep an eye on this multihypenate. She’s doing big things. And rumor has it, she’s starting her own podcast soon… details to come!
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