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24: Masturbation Sensation!

Flicking the bean. Brushing the beaver. Jilling off. Parting the red sea. Saucing the taco. Muffin buffin'. Stroking the kitty. Finger painting. Practicing feminism.

Call it what you want, but for god's sake (nope. for your sake) DO IT!

But that's easier said than done, with so much stigma still surrounding female masturbation. Even in 2017.

Like one of our two amazing guests this week, Megan Brotherton, I didn't paddle the pink canoe until a bit later in life. Sophomore year of college to be exact. Growing up Catholic, promising virginity until marriage (whoospies), and having a pretty hate-filled relationship with my adult body didn't exactly set me up for rousing sessions of solo sex. I felt so much shame around my body -- and a real fear of orgasm. 

This experience is not uncommon for women, especially with so little sex education in schools --- and practically none of it surrounding the safe, pleasurable, and healthy ways to enjoy sex. In 2009, the UK government began encouraging young people to masturbate at least once a day. Not only was masturbating defined as a "right" in health pamphlets, but it was also touted as helping to reduce STDs and teen pregnancy. I mean, holy shit. Good on them.

Masturbation is such a powerful, healthy tool for everyone, but especially for women. Since our bodies have long been viewed as 'mysterious' and 'complicated', with little emphasis on our sexual needs and cycles, it becomes a real, live act of rebellion to take our orgasms into our own hands.

Our other guest, Chelsea Steiner, is an sex educator, whose focus is empowering women (and men) to do just that. She's a national copywriter and teacher at The Pleasure Chest in LA and, unlike Megan and I, has grown up with a much more empowered sense of her sexuality identity.

The four of us had an incredibly fun, insightful conversation about our different relationships to our bodies and to masturbation. Touching yourself might seem like a no-brainer, but for many, it's laden with so much emotion and history. Wherever you find yourself in your relationship to your body and your orgasm, I encourage you to (safely) keep learning and exploring. 

Watch Megan's hilarious and poignant short film about her journey with masturbation, EVERYBODY DOES IT: here

Learn more about The Pleasure Chest here.

Now, go make your clams dance!

xo, Angela

Chelsea Steiner and Megan Brotherton, at The Nerdist School in Los Angeles.

Chelsea Steiner and Megan Brotherton, at The Nerdist School in Los Angeles.

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